2004R transmission

2004R RV/SS

General Motors Four Speed automatic transmission with 30% overdrive. These transmissions are a great alternative to a manual transmission for installation in street and performance applications requiring an overdrive. Ratios are: 2.74 first gear, 1.57 second gear, 1.00 third gear and .70 fourth. It allows lower first gear starting line acceleration and a 30% overdrive for the highway. Stall speeds range from 1800-4000 RPM. It is especially good for high performance street rods and machines that are driven on a regular basis. This transmission is built to a specification that has proven itself time and time again.

The 2004R includes:

  • Performance Overhaul with Borg Warner Frictions,
  • High Energy 2nd Gear Band,
  • GN Intermediate Servo,
  • New Overdrive Roller Clutch,
  • RT Calibrated VB and Pump (Increases Clutch Holding Power Capacity, Cooler Flow, and Shift Firmness),
  • New Bushing Kit,
  • New Washers& Bearings,
  • New Low Roller Clutch,
  • Hardened Stator Shaft,
  • New TCC Lock‐Up solenoid& Pressure Switch.
  • Dyno tested