Street Converters In Stock and Ready to Ship


Part# Description Price
818-SS-350-2000 2000 Stall Chevy TH350/400 Rated up to 500 HP $435.00
818-SS-4L60-2000 2000 Stall Chevy 4L60E Rated up to 500 HP $495.00
818-SS-4L80-2000 2000 Stall Chevy 4L80E Rated up to 500 HP $510.00
818-SS-C4-24-2000 2000 Stall Ford C4 Small Pilot 24 Spline Rated up tp 500 HP $435.00


Torque Converters available to be built to customer specifications ; Please fill out our specification sheet and e-mail it to us
(link opens an excel file on your computer. If you can't open the file use this page)

Converter cores are becoming harder to come by; core charge my be assessed depending on builders inventory. Core exchange appreciated.

Prices Subject to change and do not include shipping

Warranty/Return Policy

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