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RaceTrans Lock-up kit for TH700R4 and TH2004R**

Kit includes the following items:

•  New solenoid;

•  2 terminal normally open 4th gear oil pressure switch;

•  New o-ring for solenoid;

•  Harness with wires;

•  Instructions guide with pictures for easy installation.

When connecting 12-volt source it is best to use a fused circuit with 10-15-amp protection. It is best to use ignition switched voltage for your loc-up circuit. It is recommended not to use the 12-volt ignition coil + side, possible engine misfire can result when circuit closes contacts and loc-up solenoid is activated.

**Transmission pan must be removed to install this kit. Most pans don't have a drain plug, so this is a good time to do a full service and add a couple of other items to really wake this transmission up! Our .521 TV boost valve is accessible at this time, and will increase pump pressure for later firmer crisper shifts. A corvette servo can also be installed at this time to increase surface apply area for 2-4 band apply. This modification gives a much firmer 2-4 shift and has more torque capacity with lager surface apply area. A deep aluminum pan with drain plug can make servicing this transmission much quicker and an easier management of waste oil. The aluminum deep pan gives you an extra 2 quarts and helps dissipate heat when temperature rises under a load.

Part# Application Price
2000 RaceTrans Converter Lock-up Control kit for 200-4R $120.00
7000 RaceTrans Converter Lock-up Control kit for 700-R4 $120.00
B&M Converter Lockup Control

Provides control of converter lockup through vehicle speed on GM TH-700, 200, 200-4R, 350 and 4L60 transmissions with a lockup converter. Eliminates lock and unlock cycling and premature unwanted lockup avoiding engine lugging and spark knock. Provides lockup at highway speeds for fuel economy. Can be used for lockup operation when converting a non-lockup equipped vehicle to a lock-up style transmission and converter

Not legal for sale or use on emission controlled vehicles

Part# Applications Price
70244 B&M Converter Lockup Control for GM automatic trans w/ lockup converter & mechanical speedometer
70248 B&M Converter Lockup Control for GM automatic trans w/lockup converter & electronic speedometer

Prices Subject to change and do not include shipping