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Transmission Fill Tube Assemblies

Powerglide Most Models $39.50 plus Shipping Other GM Most Models $39.50 plus Shipping
8410-1 PG Car Model- tab mounts at case/block bolt 8410-6 TH400 Chevy with Shield-fits steel flywheel shield
8410-1DB Dedenbear Case, Car model tab mounts at case/block bolts 8410-6S TH400 Chevy Shorty model approx 7" length tube
8410-2LT PG Dragster- long tab mounts at case/block bolts 8410-6TF TH400 Chevy Tight Fit- fits stock trans tunnel
8410-2ST PG Dragster- short tab, mounts at cooler line fitting 8410-11 TH400 Buick, Olds, Pontiac
8410-3LT PG Altered- long tab, mounts at case/block bolt 8410-12 TH350 Chevy
8410-3ST PG Altered- short tab, mounts at cooler line fitting 8410-12S TH350 Chevy Shorty Model
8410-5 PG Motor Plate 8410-7R4 700R4 Chevy
8410-BOP PG Buick, Olds, Pontiac 8410-24R 2004R Chevy
8410-DBST Dedenbear Case- shorty model 8410-TH200 TH200 Chevy
    8410-4L80E 4L80E Chevy
Ford Most Models $39.50 plus Shipping      
8410-C4CF Ford C4- Case Fill 8410-C4PF Ford C4- Pan Fill
8410-9 Ford C6 Small Block-Long Tube Assembly 8410-10 Ford C6 Small Block- Short Tube Assembly
8410-C6460 Ford C6 Big Block 460 8410-AOD Ford AOD
Chrysler Most Models $39.50 plus Shipping    
8410-7 TF727 Small Block 8410-8 TF727 Big Block
8410-13 TF904 8410-8AMC TF727 AMC V8
8410-8HR TF727 HEMI tube bends to right of head $45.50 8410-8HL TF727 HEMI tube bends to left of head $45.50
8410-JRTS Junior Dragster Trick Stick Fits all types of Briggs & Stratton engines $29.95 8410-1-8 PG-UB to Chrysler Big Block $47.50
8410-1-9 PG-UB to Ford Small Block $47.50 8410-1-UB-460 PG-UB to Ford Big Block 460 $47.50

Prices Subject to change and do not include shipping