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Chevy High Performance Oct 2016

We Upgrade a 4L60E Transmission to Handle up to 500 Horsepower
Happiness Is Automatic – Part 1: Performance building a street-strong 4L60E


Drag Racer Magazine July 2011

Digger Diaries
"Jimmy and Tana Galante of RaceTrans were a tremendous help in instructing me on how to rebuild my original dragster's transmission...I used their How to Build a Top Sportsman Powerglide DVD rather than going through all the trouble and expense of having the transmission shipped back and forth to the mainland." -Paul Crivello

Diesel World Magazine January 2008

Building a Better Allison
Part 1: North Valley Truck Transmission Center* "Bulletproofs" the GM/Allison 1000/2000 series Five-Speed Electronic Overdrive Transmission.

Part 2 Continued in February 2008 issue.
*(North Valley Truck Transmission Center is a division of RaceTrans)

Diesel World Magazine April 2007

"We first noticed this huge F-250 Power Stroke because of the driveline.  It's a massive rig, and a showy one at that, but the driveline is so amazingly stout we ran a feature article on the transmission alone in the last issue (See: DW March 07)...."

Diesel World Magazine March 2007

Building a Superior Ford 4R100
By Bob McClurg


September 2005, Drag Racer Magazine
Jimmy G and the Rattlesnake Roundup

Up and coming West Coast Super Gas racer “Jimmy G” Galante strikes at the competition.

Complete Article Here

August 2004, Hot Rod Magazine. Cover Story "Return of the Striped Tomato"

"...Premire mounted C6 Super Pro three-speed automatics from

August 2006, Truck Builder Magazine.
Cimtek Super Cameo:

Part V Backing Up Our Corvette ZR1 Engine with a "Race-Bred"GM 4L80E and a CompuShift Control System.

November 2003; My Chevy Truck, Ford Truck World and Dodge Truck World

Strictly Automatic
The single most important component in any automatic transmission is the torque converter.

Complete Article Here

July 2005, Drive Magazine

Trannies and Fannies
Puttin' The Power To Your Rearend

...What about the street rods, whose engines might not produce all that pavement-melting, tranny-torturing torque?  Jim 'Jimmy G' Galante of 'G' Racing & Performance Transmissions in Sun Valley, Calif. says " For the street, there's three that we can use: the 700R4, the 4L60E or the 4L80E." He notes that a lot of builders, as well as those wanting to update their rides to current-generation powertrains are starting to use either current-model corvette or GM light truck engine/tranny combos in their rods.  "That works when you use the same computer as the donor vehicle.  However, some guys go with a twin-turbo injected engine and they want a real nice tranny behind it, and that's where the 4L60E or 4L80E come in." ...

...James 'Jimmy G' Galante says that a lot of problems are the result of too much heat.  "What we're seeing, and what we're hearing as the biggest complaint is that the torque converter failed.  Heat and torque converters go hand in hand- torque converters make heat: when they make heat, they stall.  This is what happens with 700R4s with non-lockup torque converters."
He illustrates this with and early- '70s El Camino, for example, that would have a 700R4, a smallblock with a '292' cam, a 3.73 gear, 28-inch tall rear tires which would require a 3,000 [rpm] stall converter.

April 2005, Custom Classic Trucks Magazine

Picture This
Mike and Kellee Geller's 56 Chevy Stepside

Page 64 ..."Backing up the mechanicals is a Jimmy G- prepared and B&M-equipped Turbo 400." ...
March 2004, Drive Magazine
Project '72 El Camino Update
350 Turbo to 700R4 Conversion

      "A few months ago, the Project '72 El Camino went through a rear end makeover turning the existing 12-bolt single-legger with 2:79 gearing into a limited-slip posi with new 3:42 gears. Now most of you are probably wondering "why take nice highway cruising gears out and install lower gears"? Well my friends, my mind was already looking ahead the projects future. My thoughts were already leaning towards a 700R4 conversion, and the 3:42 gears were the right trick.
      Jimmy Galante over at G Racing and Performance Transmissions heard what I was looking into, and offered to build a street version of his race 700R4. After checking out all he does to his trannys, we asked him to go ahead with the build.
Jimmy says, "What sets us apart from the others is, that we machine our pumps to GM specifications, and set them to within +/- .001 of an inch of their specs for gear clearance."
      The boost valve increases line pressure when the TV cable is pulled-thus so full throttle, full boost pressure.  Most shops use the Corvette valve that measures .471 or the .500 aftermarket valve.  Jimmy manufactures a .521 boost valve to make even more pressure.
      "I also use a Corvette 2-4 (2nd & 4th gear) servo assembly over a stock V-8 assembly" says Jimmy.  "The Corvette servo has more surface apply area, so more holding power means more torque input capability."
     "G" also uses the Alto 3-4 (3rd & 4th gear) clutch power pack and the 2-4 power band.  These items once again give more surface apply area for more holding power.  The 3-4 power pack uses nine clutches instead of the six used in the stock 700Rs and the 2-4 power band is .500 wider than the stock band.
    Another item worth mentioning is all steel plates that are Kolene treated to add lubricity and hardness. "We also drill the valve body separator plate for more fluid flow in critical areas," says Jimmy.
     "Shift feel is important to the customer, so I block the two accumulators unless the customer wants a softer shift.  Blocking the accumulators gives the trans a good hard shift that most racing applications want."  (We opted for the softer shift on the Elky, so Jimmy did not block off our project's accumulators.
     "The rest of the items we use are from the later model 700R4s," says Jimmy.  "They have all the updates and better planetary assemblies we like to use in ours."
      For an additional charge, G Racing & Performance Transmissions will use a 5-pinion rear planet instead of the 4-pinion, and a different drive shell for higher performance or 4x4 transmissions."