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TH400 & TH350 Parts

TH350 and TH400 Pumps

TH350 Transmission PUMP TH400 6 Bolt Transmission Pump TH400 8 Bolt Transmission Pump
TH350 $149.00 TH400 6 Bolt $149 TH400 8 Bolt $159

Pumps are cleaned and bead-blasted; new bushings and seals installed, gears replaced if needed and blue-printed to OEM specifications.

More Parts to be added soon!

Parts Are Sold As-Is

Please be advised that some of these parts are OEM from transmission cores that have had years of driving under unknown conditions. While we clean and visually inspect components when assembling the order but we cannot guarantee that there will not be some excess wear not noted.


Prices Subject to change and do not include shipping